Michael Meert
Filemacher / Film-Director
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BAD BOY OF MUSIC - The George Antheil Story

Produktionsjahr 2000, Produktion: WDR, ARTE
with Grzegosz Damieuski, Marta Bison, Charles Amirkhanian

Film-Ausschnitt: BAD BOY OF MUSIC - The George Antheil Story

"Why Antheil?. It’s a moving story. It’s a relevant story for us today. I think he has much more importance than he is given normally. He has done something very modern.
He wanted to be a star: He became a victim of his own attempts to make himself a star. I really understand him. He was a young guy, who didn’t have any means, only his talent. 1930: George had his Opera Transatlantique premiered in Frankfurt. It was about an American presidential election in which a sex scandal rocks the liberal candidate and then he is elected anyway.
Very much like the Bill Clinton episode. I mean, imagine: in 1930, writing his own libretto, and then it becomes true sixty years later. I think this was a new highpoint for him. He saw a new avenue. The German opera houses were proliferating.
He had a piece of music performed with a full orchestra and incredible sets: multiple screens with films all over the stage, simultaneous action going on. It must have been a dazzling performance."
Charles Amirkhanian, Interviewfragment aus "ParisTransatlantic"